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Urantia Book Overview
Part I: The Central and Superuniverses
  Part II: The Local Universe
  Part III: The History of Urantia
  Part IV: The Life and Teachings of Jesus
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Part IV: The Life and Teachings of Jesus

These seventy-seven papers give a year-by-year account of the life and teachings of the Son of Man, his childhood, youth, early travels, his personal and public ministry, the choosing and training of the twelve apostles, his trial, death, and resurrection. This biography of Jesus occupies the last part of The Urantia Book. The first three sections of the Book constitute an introduction, a universe backdrop, for the enthralling drama of this human/divine life of Jesus on our planet. The presentation, therefore, of the picture of this matchless life in its cosmic frame is rightly the climax, the fitting conclusion of the revelation. Jesus' life and precepts, in their original form, unencumbered by tradition and dogma, are by far the greatest possible help that mortal man can have in his agelong climb to Paradise.

"The great hope of Urantia lies in the possibility of a new revelation of Jesus with a new and enlarged presentation of his saving message which would spiritually unite in loving service the numerous families of his present day professed followers." [The Urantia Book P. 2086:¶ 2]

"The time is ripe to witness the figurative resurrection of the human Jesus from his burial tomb amidst the theological traditions and the religious dogmas of nineteen centuries.... What a transcendent service if, through this revelation, the Son of Man should be recovered from the tomb of traditional theology and be presented as the living Jesus to the church that bears his name, and to all other religions!" [The Urantia Book P. 2090:¶ 3]
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