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Urantia Book Overview
Part I: The Central and Superuniverses
  Part II: The Local Universe
  Part III: The History of Urantia
  Part IV: The Life and Teachings of Jesus
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Part III: The History of Urantia

"1,000,000,000 years ago is the date of the actual beginning of Urantia history. The planet had attained approximately its present size. And about this time it was placed upon the physical registries of Nebadon and given its name, Urantia." [The Urantia Book P. 660, ¶ 3]

The sixty-three papers comprising this section relate to the history of our planet, its geologic development, the establishment of life, the evolution and history of the human race, evolving civilizations and human institutions and governments. Also discussed is the Trinity concept, the evolution of religion, the indwelling spirit of God (the Thought Adjuster), personality survival and the bestowals of Christ Michael.
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