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This guide was prepared to help you recall and tell your life story in a way that will have meaning and value for other travelers on this spiritual journey who will read it. If you find that the topics and questions suggested do not appeal to you or inhibit your story, skip them and tell it your own way.

Structure is not important; you and your story are. The depth of your personal experience and what it means to you are the elements that will ring true to others and bring inspiration to them.

Why tell my story
Each of our Father's children is a unique personality whose spiritual experience, when shared with others, can only add dimension to our love for the very God whose reality is being expressed in our lives. When we share our religious experience with others we are giving voice to the meaning and value of our existence and unique life experience. Indeed, our stories are a gift of love and respect for the personality reality of those persons with whom we share this experience and help to make God more real in the world. Another benefit is that the sharing of our story requires us first to think about it and then, in telling it to others, we uncover the mystery of actualizing our inner faith in the outer world, adding to our comprehension of God's ways, and building our souls.

What to include
Your story should include those experiences in your life you believe are significant milestones in your soul's quest for God. Though some of us have always had faith in God, others are able to recall in great detail the moment that God became real in their lives. For others, it was a gradual awakening, fueled by ever greater recognition of God's active participation in the experiences of true meaning and value in one's life. Often it has to do with loving or being loved by others and a growing recognition that all true love comes from God. It may begin with belief, and evolve into unshakable faith. The story may include those moments of doubt so often a common experience among us, and the ways in which the doubt was resolved into even stronger faith. It is likely that the very act of thinking about how to tell your story will open the floodgates of your creativity and illuminate those experiences that distinguish your spiritual path from the sometimes mundane and limited events of our material lives.
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