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eye opener - Sandpont , Idaho

Soemtimes when I wake up in the morning, I am in that place where everything is new and my mind thoughts don't get in the way. Where my thought adjuster has just finished sweeping out my mind and rearranging brain circuits so it hums in meditative clarity, super receptive. It is from this clear crisp mental vantage point that my soul peers into the world, my world and there is not problem in sight, just peace and fascination with the potential of the day. It seems like this space is seconds long yet infinite in depth. A sense of deep security and faith pervades my character, i am assured that this is the way i may wake up in all of eternity, every day a new adventure in partnership with my God fragment. His mind slips easily in place of mine and I see with His eyes the beauty of the morning... no problems.. there is something.. some presence within that made up this game and knows the rules, and can create new ones as the day ages. He will guide me through these waters, this master kayaker in todays white water rapids.
like a child, like the little child, determined and complete in faith, secure in the perfect love of the ever present parent from paradise within.
love you all
patrick and my soul

patrick Yesh , Sandpont , Idaho

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