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missing you - plano texas

just recently one of my good friends committed suicide, by hanging himself... he was an intelligent athlete who you would never think had any problems, he was mr popular and everything til the day he parished. at this moment im questioning life, i just miss him so much... everything happens for a reason and i think this is a lesson, a life lesson... it shows us to never give up even at our lowest points. there are times when i just break out into tears and i dont know why. i know ill always carry him in my heart and mind but it doesnt seem enough, i love him, he was my bestfriend and life companion and now that hes gone i feel as if i cant go on living life as the 15 yr old girl i was before this. what scares me is that i dont think i was made to live long and my time may be running out soon and thats all i want to say... i just wanted to share my story with you... and heres a quote me and my friend taylor carry in our hearts everywhere we go... "only god can hold me"

nichole , plano texas

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