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My friend - Mobile, Alabama

Well,my story begins when my baby sister Jaimie Irene died. She was two-and-a-half,I was nine.Jamie and my other little sister Annette,meant more to me than anything else in the world. Well I had the hardest time going on with life.The only thing that keept me going was God and my best friend Doug.He lost his son,who was only a month old when he passed.He helped me get throgh it because no one else really understood.They tried to help me, but they don't know what it's like loosing someone that you love more than everything else.Doug hellped me relize that Jamie is with God and happy and it's better to have an eternity with her in heaven than a lifetime with her down here. Besisdes that,I decided that I don't want her to grow up in this world where there's shootings all the time,terrorism,racism,and the other evil doings of people.I can only say that I'm glad that I have Doug here to help me coupe with loosing my baby sister. I only hope that everyone else has someoe they can go to to help them.It's not easy and I miss Jamie everyday that goes by, but I just have to let God help me, and let Doug be there for me.

Justine , Mobile, Alabama

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