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Pioneering Over Four Epochs - George Town Tasmania


Australian lyric soprano,Yvonne Kenny,1 was talking tonight about a singer's natural range, their niche, their vocal repertoire, their ability to find the tonal colours to make a piece of music interesting. Some music is just too demanding, requires more stamina, she said, than she possesses. While I listened to the interview I thought how true this was of us all in our different ways. We all have to find out what our talents and capacities are. Writing poetry, for me, is partly a finding out just what my poetic capacities are. But writing poetry is not only about finding out the extent of my talent. It is about relieving the mind;2 it's about finding the boundaries of ineffability;3 it's about discovering my voice, about naming my world and about creating myself by means of the poems I write and about so much more4 -Ron Price with thanks to 1Yvonne Kenny, "The Music Show," ABC Radio National, 22 February 2003, 10:10-10:30 pm; 2Newman in The Seamless Web, Stanley Burnshaw, Penguin Press, 1970, p.179; 3Proust in ibid.,p.260; and 4Octavio Paz, The Bow and The Lyre, University of Texas, Austin, 1956, p.151.

I eventually found a talent
that expressed itself in so many ways
across the bridge of my days.
Relief came again and again
for my teeming brain
to relieve an overflowing mind
and the world's largess.

Like Roethke, I wept,
but not as frequently,
perhaps because my years
of tears have, for the most part,
finished, although now,
joy is more remembered
and this mariner,
surrounded by the dead,
prays and moves on.1

1 Theodore Roethke in Their Ancient Glittering Eyes: Remembering Poets and More Poets, Donald Hall, Ticknor & Fields, NY, 1992, p.90.

Ron Price
28 February 2003

Ron Price , George Town Tasmania

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