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Life After Death - Lynnwood, WA

When I was 26 (I'm now 54) I had a documented "death experience". It changed me beyond belief. I KNOW there is no fear in death. In fact, it is beautiful and something to look forward to when your time has come. There is incredible peace, love and comfort there. I was changed. It took me a couple of years to figure out just what I was sent back here to do. But I found my answer. I "help" people pass. I work in ICU and many a time I have held the hand of a dying person, praying with them and helping them make the transition. It is rewarding and fills me with the greatest joy and peace knowing that I eased their fears and helped them on their journey. I learned that life is to be lived, enjoyed and embraced. But it also is only a means and learning experience for our next step in our journey.

Lizareth , Lynnwood, WA

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