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Prayer of the Agondonter - Long Beach, CA

I am grateful for the discoveries and cosmic truths so far revealed as my backward, primitive, semi savage mind eagerly and enthusiastically ingest the realities of spirit. I discovered while reading the Forward that my life was apt to change. From the moment I read the first sentence, I chose to accept this book as the 5th Epochal Revelation.

I understood at a base level that I (personally) could not be privy to this knowledge without experiencing some sort of osmosis, but I could not anticipate how this change would occur. After a series of starts and stops in my attempts to �be ye perfect�, I couldn�t help but feel like a hypocrite because, though my thinking had been augmented, I still could not control my behavior. I was still engaging in unclean habits. To be more precise, I was addicted to porn, a chronic masturbator, smoked like a chimney, and couldn�t relax without getting stoned. Not only was my professional life suffering and I feared I was losing my mind, but the dread of dropping dead at any moment was very palpable.

Feeling more un-God-like than I ever have in my life, I almost gave up. I even put the book down for a time and accepted my fate as a faithless and unwilling participant in this ascension scheme. But being one who cannot leave a good book unfinished, I picked it up again and decided to finish it for the pleasure of it � I still found it a perfectly beautiful read.

Unbeknownst to me, my Thought Adjuster was busy through this period of extreme restlessness (faith does have its rewards). And out of desperation, I finally and sincerely asked Father for help. I liken this event to Cain approaching Eve after killing Abel. Over the next few days, I chanced upon this page and that in the UB. I noticed some things about prayer that I�d not clearly understood previously. It was like putting on spy glasses to read a secret document: the teachings of our Universe Sovereign began jumping off the pages.

Today, prayer is absolutely vital to my survival. I worship Father before and beyond all else. That fragment of the unseen Father is closer than I ever imagined, friendlier than the closest of mortal relationships and more dependable than any man-made contrivance. For truly, �Even if I cannot do this, there lives in me one who can and will do it, a part of the Father-Absolute of the universe of universes.� The UB 4:4:9

Thank you for hearing me.
Thank you for cleansing me.
Thank you for being me.

Agondonter at your service.

Rey , Long Beach, CA

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