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Walking in the will. - Tucson

I found Big Blue in 1977 and couldn't believe my eyes. But after reading for 26 years, I still hadn't decided to give up the "things" I loved! Then one day when I was sick of the way I was, I prayed to the Father to teach me how to walk in his will. For some reason all those years of reading and it never dawned on me that I was supposed to live the teachings, not merely assent to them. Well, let me tell you, watch out what you pray for, because when you give God all that you have...then God can make you more than you are! Now after three years in prison and a self destruction and a soul reconstruction, I'm wholeheartedly consecrated to the doing of the Father's will. Life has true meaning and is full of values. The number you can contact the Father on is still the same... it's: 1(800)TRY FAITH... It's a direct connection to Paradise. No hold, no waiting, just pure, free love from the Father himself. But the only way you get to keep any of it is by spreading it around and loving everyone you meet. Peace be with you all.


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