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seeing my father - new jersey

Hi, I saw God in 1993. Seriously speaking, for a long time the edge of death dissappeared. My father in heaven is awesome you are in the same family, you are my brother or sister. I read these stories on theoquest.com and many are sad. In the UB as the book is, why be sad? If a loved one died, then a little of that invisible stuff we call faith, can teach us that even on spheres of light and light when an accident of time and space or a natural change from the physical to the spiritual occurs, I hope you all who have dealt with loss can remember that even in your loss our father in heaven has us all in the palm of his hand. knowing that we are a grain of sand on a beach in a very vast universe of universes, every planet to every ultomiton is harnesed and numbered, by our father in heaven, rejoice that dad loves you! And with sincerity sincerity, sincerity, you to will move on and once again be with our loved ones and our brothers and sisters. Know that you are loved most of all. godspeed.

pauleeb , new jersey

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