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My Angel -

I am really thankful to the almighty for giving enormous strength and support to me all the time. 4 years back my mother got heart strock. Father abandoned us. I know nothing about the treatment as my mom is physically handicapped and she should be treated in an extraordinary manner. No one gave their helping hand and I was in a chaotic state. Then he showed me the way by introducing an excellent and famous cardiologist to me. I met him with my friend's reference. From that day onwards my mom is in safe hands. Recently she suffered from a lung infection. You believe it or not soon after completing prayer she got tremendous relief and happily responded to the treatment.
He expects nothing from us except untainted faith on HIM.
I experienced it many times. People may come and go their relation may sustain forever or may not, but our relationship with him will be eternal. Whether we pay attention or not, He will take care of us, He will guide us, He will lull us. He will love us forever. Apart from my mother side personally he guided me lot many times. This is my experience with our dear Almighty.


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