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My Dad - Ireland

Well Dad, here I am again singing your praises. I hope I'm making you laugh while I'm typing. I think I am if I know you. It's not all lies so dont worry.
Since you left us dad, mum is so alone and sad I feel so sorry for her. I know you're around us as I still feel your presence. Me and mum were at the grave this weekend, we couldn't do much as it was freezing and raining too.
I miss you loads and it tears me up knowing your gone forever, but I still cling to the hope that there's something after this life.
If you can do any favors up there, please look after mum and help me guide my children to be good kids.
I hope your family's looking after you up there my old friend and don't forget, we'll all be together up there someday; I just dont know what day that will be, but I will say this dad ... keep the kettle hot.
Your loving son, Dermot

Dermot , Ireland

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