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SOUL MATE - Rockville

Met Daniel when I was 16 years old, we were together for about seven months. My parents were on the edge of getting a divorce, and although Daniel fulfilled me in every possible way, the problems that my parents had were overwhelming to the point that one day I decided to commit suicide. After taking some sleeping pills, Daniel came to see me and realized I was almost not there anymore. He rushed me to the Hospital, he literally picked my up and carried me to the Hospital. He saved my life, years have gone by, we had a painful break up and I thought we have all moved on. The last time I heard from him was in sometime late July 1994. Then in 2004 I began to have constant dreams of him, which really puzzled me because I was married and had not even thought or talked about him for a long time. In one of those dreams, I dreamt that he was somewhere in Africa, I saw places in my dream that I have never seen before. Four months went by and one day I was navigating on the web when I found a way to send Daniel an email without knowing his exact email. I did it out of boredom, I never thought it was acutally HIS email and even if it was, I never though he would replied. When all of the sudden I get a very brief reply "contactable at all hours...phone number xxxx" I dialed and in fact it was him. The man I have never stopped loving and will never stop. I asked him where he was and he replied- "I moved to Africa." God has his wise and funny ways, he responds to every desire that our heart holds, we just cannot give up our faith and beliefs. He promises all and gives all. I am now ending a marriage that should have never taken place. I wish my almost former husband well, we were just not meant to be. With regards to Daniel, only God knows if our paths will cross again in this life time or not. What I can garantee is that he is my soulmate, i feel him, I sense him even when I don't see or communicate with him. But he is there and I know he knows I am there if we ever need each other. He saved me because that was God's plan and that is why we met. Nothing happens accidentally and nothing is a coincidence. That's my story. :)

Vanessa , Rockville

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