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Soulful Living - San Diego, CA

After being led to the Urantia book, which was a direct answer to my prayers to Jesus for the truth, I was naturally changed. Life and my faith in my Creator was already quite real at that time but after reading such a work I also started applying more truth in my daily life.
If we call ourselves Christians, with or without the new knowledge, Jesus clearly stated in the Bible teachings that life eternal was a gift to all of mankind. If one truly believes this then how can they mourn death to such degrees that some do? If life is all that the Urantia book explains it to be, and so perfectly, how can life on earth be viewed with any despair for any length of time? Yes, we are all human with emotions that can play tricks on us, in a way. But by experience we can live as souls which is a life of joy and peace. We all have had the tools to master anything. With God, nothing is impossible. Faith creates miracles. I challenge anyone to put the Creator and the loving universe to the test! Whatever it be, sincerely reach out and watch your answer magically appear and if it be the Father's will, usually instantly. This is a spiritual promise and law. Once we experience a personal relationship with our creator and the spirit beings around us, mostly our angels, how can we let our human downfalls rule us? Death is not real!! It is only that our loved one has moved to another level, almost like they have moved to another part of the universe. Anyones who still holds deep sorrow around death is someone who is actually being very self absorbed and not rejoicing in the truth!
I don't mean to sound without compassion but once we gain truth and knowledge we must stand up to the plate and live our faith. We must make our soul growth our mission. Soulful living is the only way because any other living is not real and non gratifying. Living for the material, the body, in any way is going to a dry well for water.
Soul filled living is a life of service to the brotherhood of mankind. It is also choosing the will of God and watching your life change as you co-create with God and allow Him to live through you...why would anyone choose their own will over His? Deeply pondering this in itself if soulfully rewarding. God is Good and there is no greater love or feeling than He!!
Trusting God is the greatest experience of life...I pray and wish that upon everyone. :-)

Devi , San Diego, CA

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