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1-(.9repeating) - sacramento, California

OK, this might take a while. My whole life I have always sought after "secret" powers and hidden powers like powerful truths in reality, I would search for meanings that stood out verbally, so I could express them to people in order to increase my self worth to my self through the eyes of another. And of course the ultimate other when I am speaking of the sum total of everything that is not mw vrs. me. I have found a many number of different tricks with words and ways to mentally keep my self afloat in the "clouds of babalon" and keep my feet on the ground at the same time. I have been dealing with the battle of god and the devil and how the devil is in pain and how the devil does not want to be in pain... which creates a tear in my soul for the lost and confused program that represents the devil. This is why I defended the devil and came to the conclusion that we all have no free will and god is the controller of all will. Nothing is random! There is a picture in the limited resolotuon and frame depth for every suitation.. there are only so many possible combinations of pixel combinations.. that means the maximum capacity of matter arrangements.. meaning you have no free will and it has all, all ready been written.....and no matter what we do, god will never allow more than the maximum capacity of created observers. See these are word scripts that stand out!!!! Don't they spark something in your soul? They do mine! I know I have a soul! I can observe and whether anyone can detect my observing entity, I could caire less ...... i know i exsist.. it matters not to me if others exisist.... i could live in a solip sisitic reality just fine! see these words trigger other variables inside the binary that control the reality that govern your environment.
OK after setting the stage for some of my story's here they go...I climbed into train box car with some spray paint and painted a bix door and above it i painted "back door to heaven, all you have to do is guess who made the door!" then i moved from my grandpaw's to a old womans house, she was a friend of the fammly..... i stayed there for a while and one day i decided to write a letter to god to beg for the forgiveness of lucifer because i came to conclude that there is no such thing as free will and the powers that drive will power are something of a unknown variable. And that the evil that is present did not derive first in the core of Lucifers mind! (If anything blame George Michael! and kill his evil structure and return Lauren Wilsons sex power's back to Jesse Newberry) I stated that for the efforts of lucifers quest to gain "real free will" that he should be granted cheet codes (in order to achive real free will that cannot be understood in my reality) soon after i wrote the letter, i got kicked out of the house i was staying at, I went to the homeless shelter and the second night, i was there they had a dracula movie on and i went out for a wal to the park and i had spirits all around me... i could feel tehm in my heart.. then i met up with a group of people looking through telescopes.. they let me look at the moon.. that ws cool.. they had strong vibes.. this back when i had working empthathetic sensors (they have been paralized because of L.A. County Jail) i want back to the shelter and started watching the dracula movie and could feel the spitit of draqula...it was interestng.. bu that is not the really interesting part..... The next day a friend of mine named "Mario" showed up and was outside with me and a train passed by us, on each box car there was a tagging, i sal the one i liked the most and it flew on by.... then like 20 min's later that same train started slowly backing up car by car... and low and behold it stoped right on the one i picked out form the 100 cars total... what are the odds that it would stop on the box car i picked? and what do you think it said on the side of that car? it said "KEYS" WTF! that to me is like Keys to the door that I made!!!! and then mario said to me "Lucifer's here, you wanna meet him?" I was shocked, but i said sure... and it was strange because he looked like a vibe that was lucifer to me but not lucifers high power. this was all in Davis Calfornia by the way!
ok about a month later i was in berkeley california on telegraph ave. and i met up with nynex and i asked him "Hey Nynex, What's one minus point nine repeating"......... he said really loud"QUACK!" then about a month later i was 100 miles away in sacramento.......... i went to a sports shop to look at the guns because i want to buy a gun so i can kill my self so i can go t heaven. but that's another story for another time... but any ways before I went to that shop i was in roseville and i bought a green hat and i thought of nynex because he said "quack"
and it made me think of ducks and the green hat is like a duck head.. and i have been trying to find ways to prove that others exisit, i sought help from god to prove that i am not alone....... so i am thinking maybe nynex could help me. i had all these thoughts when i bought the hat.... (then back to the future) i was at that sports shop and i was now leaving. Then i walked by the pay phone and sall 2 ducks and thought it was kinds cool to see the ducks so i said "hey duck! what's one minus point nine repeating?" and the duck really said "quack quack" then immeditly after the duck said it's second quack the payphone rang and on big letters there was a sticker right on the recever of the phone.......... it said "NYNEX" and carved into the pay phone said "break" this payphone was in sacramento not east coast!
see how these words strike confusion because of imposibility?
don't think for one moment that i am making up lies!
ok after this happend i hitch hiked from davis to seattle to see a girl from a website "..." her name is courtnee.. i thought she was hot! so i got all the way up to seattle with out knowing a single bit of informaion about this girl! i just thought i would run into her if i hung around downtown long enough. So I was there for around a month roaming the streets feeling the spirits in seattle... i remember i was reading a posted peace of information on a wall and a car raced by me and some kid yelled out the window as the car flew by, he said "so you're the one we haunted!" any ways... a month passed and i was walking aound like a chicken with my head cut off... i had my back agensta wall downtown and this black woman came up to me and said "up the street, red bag, 5 mins, don't let her get away!" so i listened to her instructions and low and behold she was right there cortnee was! HOW DID SHE KNOW!
there were other things like my relationship with Lauren Wilson and Monica Hood........ My life is verry interesting........ I have now found that there are a limited number of possible image's in reality which has proven to me that I have no free will!

Jesse Newberry , sacramento, California

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