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my baby!!! - virginia beach, va

It was the day I never thought would ever come. On August 26, around 9:00 p.m. my baby Midnight threw up a lot and I told my husband she was going to die that night and I remember that around 10 p.m. that night of the 26, I had layed down for bed and midnight was facing her body away from me but kept turning her head and looking at me and I said to her what baby (I love you Midnight) and after that every 5 minutes she kept looking at me and I realized after the fact she was waiting to see if I had gone to sleep yet, but I had't. I don't wake up in the middle of the night like I had. I woke up about 2:30 a.m. and said Midnight I love you and went to pet her but she did not turn and look at me like she usually does so I got up out of bed and turned the light on and she wasn't breathing and she was all cold. It started after I had my baby on July 12, 2004 she wouldn't eat much a month later and started losing weight really bad so we took her to the vet and we had her hospitalized and she got stronger and stronger and was looking better but she had heartworms and was too weak at that time to be treated, so I was told to take her home get her back to where she was then get her treated to get rid of the heartworms but then she had to go back to the vet and my sister took her for me this time and had her get 2 shots which if she was too weak for shots she was too weak for anything. Well the time she was in the vet for hospitalization I kept telling her she couldnt die on me and she can't give up on me either and I couldnt give up on her and I wasnt about to. So when she threw up something told me she was gonna die that night when I was sleep because she didnt want to to physically see her die so when she got sick throwing up I layed on the floor beside her and told her I loved her very much but I couldnt stand to see her suffer anymore and that it was ok to go ahead and pass away and she did just that. I had her creamated so I have her always. There isn't a day that goes by that she isn't constantly on my mind. I look at her everyday, look at her pictures, talk to her, and I tell her I still love her and always will. The day she died on the 27 after the creamation services men picked her up. I went to the store and came back and my kids, niece and nephew, and sister said my light switch had moved up and then back down and when you have a power surge your light switches dont move. I honestly think that was my Midnight letting me know she's still here with me. Two weeks ago I wanted another dog but a puppy so I could train her just like Midnight and I was very fortunate. I looked all week two weeks ago and drove 30 minutes out of my way to see the same breed, same color, same size but younger at 9 months old and when I called her she stopped right dead in her tracks and come at me full force and licked me on my face jumped in my lap and wouldnt move wanted tme to rub her belly and I have her today.

vickie , virginia beach, va

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