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A Rare Love - Jersey Gal

boy o boy i thought i would get over his death but i have not its like i cant move on i go see him every day day after day i sit an talk to him its like hes still here wow baby i miss you so much i just cant help myself im mad as hell at you cause you left me just left i did not want you to go i needed you in my life now what am i to do i never knew love till i met you it was like god had sent you to me to make me happy then poof it was gone i miss you mike so much it like my heart was riped out an steped on i never knew love could hurt so much why i keep asking why well baby i guess when the time is right i wont hurt so much bay rest well i no im going to see you again as alway your my million dollar man you truly are one in a million baby boy do i miss your smile an laugh if there was a way i could just touch you or enter your worl i would do it a minute just to see you only for a couple of seconds would be just wonderful id give my life just to see you again i need this pain to stop i look forward to see you in my dreams i no you come to see me i can feel you all around me baby i love you always and for ever i no i will never find another love like yours if do it has to be you all over again cause no one in this world could ever fill your shoes it would be hard no dout i will always keep your name and memories alive always baby and i no you no that well baby you always did no how to make me feel special and i will never forget it well i think i will be on my way to see you now it take about 15 min to get to your grave baby i love you an ill see you soon love ya gal zsa

zsazsa , Jersey Gal

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