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A Great Loss - rowlette tx

Thursday, June 24 will mark 5 months that I have lost my mother! I still feel so lost I think more then ever! People say it will get easier with time, but I think once you lose someone it never gets easier. Once you lose someone so close a piece of you dies with them. You know that you have to go on for your family still here but it's hard. I think sometimes I'm having a bad dream that will never go away or I will never wake up for it. I know that time heals the broken heart but something wish I never had the broken heart in the beginning. I wish I still had my mother I'm all to young to be without her, they is still think I need answers for? Like my kids, life, and i'm doing it right. I'm not sure why God took her from me, I guess I will not know until it my time? But that is one question I will ask him? why? Why my mother? What did I do wrong for you to take her from me? I know god has reason for everything but sometime I don't know why he does what he does? but we will never know we wil!! I miss you mom

sandra , rowlette tx

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