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Transparency of Life - New City, New York

It was just only today while going through chores that had to be done in my house that I came to the realization just how temporary and just transparent our lives on earth are. I was busy organizing things that had to put away and as I went down to the basement it struck me that perhaps in just a few short years there will no longer be any to do this any more. It will just become a memory of yesterday. The older you get the more your spirit is telling that your time here on earth is becoming shorter and shorter in the flesh. It is reality that many of us fail to realize and want to ignore or sweep under the rug. But as M. Scott Peck said in the Road Less Traveled that unless we come to grips with our death then we will not be able to deal with the needs of our souls and why we fail in life.

Althea , New City, New York

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