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The Wooing of Being - George Town Tasmania


In the older years, this shift from outer-world to inner-world orientation takes the form of progressive disengagement, a withdrawal involving self and society. -Herant Katchadourian, Fifty: Midlife in Perspective, W.H. Freeman and Co., NY, 1987, p.93.

Sometimes he talks about himself-never about what he does or what happens to him, but about what is deep down inside him, the impulses of his mind or...his soul.
-Maurice Blanchot, "Jean Jubert�s Private Diaries," in The Siren�s Song: Essays, Harvester Press, Brighton, 1982, p.55.

I�ve started this process in my middle years
with a wooing of being, an exploration of its depths
by continuity of attention and meditation,
by saturation, by battle with reflection,
with the process of self-historiography:
workshop, chronicle and reservoire of images.
Here we have �a man talking to himself�,
such a jumble, for that is the inner world
of jottings, ideas, observations, on-and-on.
A juxtaposition of the trivial and serious,
the exuberant and despairing, the energetic
and the weary, the fertile and the uneven:
providing as they all do an unusual
acquaintance with an inner life
that transforms my experience
into an autobiographical account
of unusual detail for these epochs
of an Age that itself transformed
my community and stimulated me
to draw out the energy and power
of my own life into the substance of this art.

It is difficult, though, to go deep down;
the tendency is to report the superficial
which is usually of little value to a process
that, ultimately, belongs to the world,
will remain alive forever and awakens me
to my own self and what and who I am.

Ron Price
25 September 1995

Ron Price , George Town Tasmania

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