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I know what death looks like.... - Norristown PA

I am confused about DEATH. I have recently lost my mother and it happened before my eyes and I now know what death looks like. Their is a certain look in their eyes and it involves the sound of a person gasping to breath. The death that I experienced was harsh and hurtful to see and hear. I was told that it would be a peaceful passing and instead I have a memory that was so painful I wonder about the other side everyone talks about. When we die why do good people have harsh passing and bad people get to get out the easy way with a needle. GOD REST MY MOTHERS SOUL but she didn't deserve to die with the pain I saw in her face. So to those who have a comment on heaven and hell tell me why i felt like I was in hell when I experienced the look of death. I need to know what is meant by **Someone having a hard time passing to the other side and is that determined by the way they die.

-"Gone but Never Forgotten"

Leigh C , Norristown PA

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