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lost my mom - dallas,tx

It hard for me to tell my story but here goes. Well it started on dec 23rd 2003 when the doctor told me something i will never for forget. That my mom had lung cancer, and she only had a month to live. I wanted to just die i was so close to my mom. We sat and talk and she told me that everything would be fine and that she would make it out okay. I knew in my heart that she would not make it. I try to make it the best xmas but she was to sick to jion us. My brother called my at work on Jan 19 2004 stating i need to come to the hospital asap, I walk into the room and saw my mom just laying there. I only learn that she would not make it saturday , As that day were long , i try to say everything i could and lett her who much ilove her and that i would be lost without her ,I day she die a part of me die with her. I know that she is looking over me and helping to deal with this. But i just want my mom back. I look at the up coming days and it will be my daughters 9th b-day and my mom will not be here for it, And my daught keeps say its okay mom she is with me every night. And she is here to help you grieve and she say it okay to be sad for her and miss her. But i have to go on for my kids, but i know that one day soon i will be with her.

sandra , dallas,tx

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