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God? (yes) - Las Vegas,Nv.

I was brought up being Catholic and i got to say that i really do perfer being Christian. I dont think that it matters as long as we praise Jesus and God. I just wanted to say that I truly believe that there is a higher power and it is great. I have been through alot in my life and to make a long story short= i had a daughter when i was 15 and got introduced to drugs and eventually ruined my life to a point were i was so insecure,full of hate, depression and sins. The list just goes on and on. I also lost costudy to my daughter and that was one the main reasons i was lost. I used that as an excuse of being the way i was. Until i finally got reconnected with God. The first time i got my daughter back but i wasnt as faithful as i am now. This second time around God didnt bless me of being with my daughter but she is with family and in good hands. I guess i lost my chance and i accept my consequences till i die. I know that there wont be any 3 times around but i do feel that this is it in my heart and i am thankful that i found him while im young. But God had filled me with alot of blessings that it is all him. I am not that insecure girl that i was and i am no longer living the life as a sinner. He is GREAT God and he does give unconditional love if you take it. I give my life to him and i promise to be his faithful,loyal servant he deserves. You know i never thought that i would be saying all these words but i just hope that people learn from my experiences each time i share my experiences with you all. When your ever down on anything in life, praise God. If you tried everything and it didnt work out just tell him and he will help you no matter what. It may not be right away but he will take care of you. So try this, pray for him and when your results come in thank him and also let others know as i did to you. God Bless You All!
Christine Silos 21\F\Las Vegas.

Christine Silos , Las Vegas,Nv.

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