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Needing help! - Adelaide, South Australia

I started reading "The Urantia Book" about a year ago and my life has changed dramatically. I have read stories by people who have said the very same thing but meant it in a positive way....my story is different. What I read has stirred me up so deeply that I have been in a type of depression ever since. Whatever has given me joy before no longer has any meaning. My friends have noticed the change in me and don't know how to help me. The amazing thing is that I can't even eplain what exactly it is in the book that I can't accept. It does after all tell us that we are going somewhere after we die. But I have believed that anyway. My belief, however, has been broader: I believed that we have lived before and will again, if we so choose. I believed that loved ones who have passed on can see us and watch over us and that we can watch over those we leave behind after we die. None of that seems to be true according to the book. I have read many books during my life time, some of them resonate with me and others do not...I read the ones that do and put aside the ones that don't. I am not able to do that with this one though. I have stopped reading it, but it keeps on haunting me. I have tried to find other people who have read it so I can find out their feelings, but no one I know has read it or is even interested. My friends have all said they didn't want a part of it since they can see what it has done to me. So, anyone out there...what do you think? Help me, please!


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