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never forget the love one's - jefferson tn

my story i really don't no where to start. But here i go i lost my mom on june 9, 2003 It started about 6:00pm when i got a call at work it was my sister crying saying please come to mom house she in bad shape. Well i left from work and got to mom's house as quick as i could. BUT the time i got their they where taken her to the hospital. When i got their my sister and my brother was there. They wound not let us go back there to see her. Nurse took me and my family back in this little room. I told my family let's start praying for mom . It's seem not about too seconds later after we stop praying the doctor came in and said your mother died. We couldn't believe it my mom was only 53 year's old. MY story is about always spend time with your family no matter what happen always love them.If i had to do over again i would spend a alot time with my mom. I miss you mom i always love you. your son michael. p.s i'll see you again but it will be a better place. i can't wait..

michael , jefferson tn

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