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The pain of learning to love - El Paso Texas

This summer, I met a guy, a really amazing guy... or so i thought. My life had been meaningless. All my life i had searched for a light, any light... I just couldnt find it. Then when I met this guy, it all seemed worth it. I feel inlove. Sadly, he was gay but in denial. He led me to believe he loved me and cared for me. I gave him my all, and been so young ( 15) i didnt know how to deal with so much pain. So one day i called him with a bottle of tylenol in my hand. I knew it was wrong, I knew that he wasnt worth it.. But the pain was so strong. Everything reminded me of him. So... I took the pills and all i could do was cry... Turns out he didnt care. He told me that he wasnt going to beg me, and if i wanted to die that was my problem... Never had I felt so much pain... So i took all the pills. However God send someone my way. Hannah, a friend of mine, came over in the morning and took me to the school nurse... I spend 3 days in the hospital and 2 in a mental facility. When I got out of the facility i had a mission. I had to let people know... that it isnt worth it. That life is so beautiful and that any pain will eventually leave if you let god into your life. I learned the hard way. My liver is damaged. I hurt the people i trully loved... So i wanted to let people know... Pain isnt forever... talk to someone anyone, dont make the same mistake i made... believe in God and in love.

Christina Puga , El Paso Texas

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