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Souls Journey - Woon. RI

A new beginning

From a deep, dark coma, I rise,
A sputtering spark, just barely alive.
Feeling dispersed and scattered,
I pull from that which is around me

Slowly, then faster,
I feel myself getting stronger.
Like lightning striking the ground,

Opening my senses to the void
I reach out to touch
That which surrounds me
I first perceive other souls,
Gray souls, unaware of there true nature.

Reaching out further still
I sense a light
A beacon in the night

The old, grey souls
Drift towards it

I reach out to touch,
When a knowing occurs,

I race away from the light
Farther, faster
Something like fear kindles me,
Drives me!

The light
Is a distant dim point behind me

I feel safer now.

I reach out before me
Looking, sensing,
There in the distance,
Something is.

I draw myself towards it,
But alas, it is nothing
Just a dead and lifeless thing.

I move on, past stars and planets I travel
Searching, probing
No active souls have I found.

Finding myself avoiding certain paths,
I investigate this sense,
Ah, recollections of entrapment, pain and sorrow,
Do I find.

I move quickly now, more confident
The stars and planets fly by me in a blur...
Faster still.

Off in the distance a planet, yet
Something new and different.
Slowly, thoughtfully,
I approach.

As I move toward it I sense
Not a hundred or a thousand but billions of
Souls all alive all creating!

Excitement rockets up inside me
Feelings of anticipation, ecstasy and joy
Infuse me!

I rush down.
Burning with desire
How happy they will be when they
See me!

I dive straight in without deliberation
To be live, create and become a
Little boy.

Dennis Paquin - June 28th 2003

Woon. RI

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