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My Prose=Poems - George Town Tasmania

This is the fourth prose-poem I have submitted. These pieces of writing tell, each in their own way, stories that relate to my soul. For writing, if it is nothing else, it is the story of a soul. here is the fourth or perhaps the fifth one I've put here at 'Theoquest's Soul Story Site.'-Ron Price

1937 was a big year for Dizzy Gillespie. It was a big year for the Baha'i community. 1937 was the year that the formal and organized teaching Plans of the Baha'i community began. In 1937 Dizzy went to New York. It was here that he met Charlie Parker who also came to New York three years later in 1940. The Seven Year Plan, 1937-1944, saw a secret musical energy or fire develop in the jazz world, especially toward the end of the Plan when Charlie and Dizzy played together. It was all part of an exceptional moment in jazz and they called that moment--swing. It was full of innovation, experimentation, improvisation, heart and soul, a new artistic emotion. Dizzy represented the intellectual core of this new music. By 1942 a new phase, a second phase, in the history, the life of jazz, had begun. The first phase had lasted from 1917 to 1942 or so Ken Burns and the producers and directors of this new TV series on jazz argued. -Ron Price with thanks to ABC TV, "Jazz: Swinging With Change-Episode 7," September 21st, 2003, 5:00-6:00 pm.

It was one of the most brilliant
episodes in the history
of the Formative Age.
The structural basis
of the Administrative Order
had been firmly laid
by these champion-builders
in the greatest collective enterprise
and the first half-century had ended.

It had been trumpeted in,
this new phase by a new sound.
It had been swung-in heart and soul,
a secret musical energy or fire which,
by 1942, saw the glorious emergence
of a firmly-welded incorruptible
Baha'i community, assuming
its rightful place at the forefront
of the world-wide spiritual army
of Baha'u'llah.

Ron Price
22 September 2003

Ron Price , George Town Tasmania

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