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Pioneering Over Four Epochs - George Town Tasmania Australia


Virginia Woolf expressed the view that the beginnings of writing by middle class women toward the end of the eighteenth century was one of the great events of the last thousand years. In the last two centuries there has been a continuous stream of writing my middle class men and women especially since the 1840s and more recently during the decades 1960-2000. These middle class writers wrote more and more printed material. It came to be burgeoning. It was difficult to assess how significant all this writing was. To the generation that was caught up in the first years of this burgeoning literary experience, this awakening consciousness, it was exhilarating. It was also disorienting, confusing and somewhat painful, global and out of human control. -Ron Price with thanks to Virginia Woolf, A Room of One's Own, p.68.

We are beginning to know the past
and know it differently than ever before,
a whole new psychic geography
to be explored, a walking on ice.
This has been the way it is in life
and now I turn it into poetry.

There had been, too, serious illness
in my life and an exquisitely keen
sense remained and, with it, fragility.
For me, the desire to express my roots,
to define the ground I stood on
and to plausibly interpret my origins
and immensely complex development
became a dominating passion of life.

There is here an earnest core
of ruthless, serious, sincerity--
perhaps the deadliest of weapons.
It tells me where I am, what I saw
and temporarily exhausts my ingenuity.1

1Sylvia Plath in Borges On Writing, editor, N.T. di Giovanni, et al., Allen Lane, London, 1974, p.187.

Ron Price
22 September 2003

Ron Price , George Town Tasmania Australia

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