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The Urantia Book describes prayer and meditation as valuable practices to help increase and deepen our spiritual growth. Prayer is defined as the breath of the soul, it promotes happiness, self control, moral progress, and leads to worship.

Meditation is the complement to prayer. It is best practiced by being quietly receptive after prayer so that your indwelling spirit, or Thought Adjuster, can speak to your listening soul.

Meditation, like prayer, is a tool to help you adjust to the ever changing situations of living and can help to bring you enhanced insight: it awakens your slumbering spiritual forces.

We have a selection of meditations on TheoQuest.

>A Sitting Meditation
>Walking Meditation
>A Guided Meditation on Loving-Kindness
>Inner-Safety Meditation
>Good Grief Rituals

Meditation is subjecting your total personality to the consciousness of contacting with divinity. Devoted meditation and intelligent reflection are great tools to help you begin to find God in your soul and in others' souls. Meditation is your gateway to thoughtful contemplation of eternal realities and divine ideals.

This quote best sums up the difference between prayer, worship, and self-reflective meditation: 

"And so it is: You worship God; pray to, and commune
with, the Son; and work out the details of your earthy
sojourn in connection with the intelligences of the Infinite
Spirit operating on your world and throughout your
universe." (P.66 - 1)

More on Meditation from
The Urantia Book

> The Practice of Meditation Takes Time P. 1475, �3
> Meditation and Eternal Realities P. 1733, �1

Featured Meditation:

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