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Walking Meditation

Walking in nature can be a powerful experience, whether you're walking through a beautiful flower garden on a warm, sunny day, or a muddy path on a drizzly, gray day. Maintaining contact with the natural world is crucial to human survival. If you live in the country, country walks are easy. If you live in the city take a mini vacation every week or two, drive out into the country, and walk.

  • Begin by matching your steps with your breath. Don't force a rhythm that doesn't feel right. For a slow pace, try one to four steps for every deep inhalation and one to four (or two to eight) steps for every long, full exhalation.

  • Bring your awareness to your feet. Feel them as they make contact with the earth. Do they touch the ground heel to toe? How does it feel to touch the earth? Can you feel the movement of your weight shifting along the length of your foot as it touches the ground from heel to toe? Are you slamming your heel into the ground instead of placing it softly?

  • What do you see? Notice the colors, textures, patterns, and the movement of nature.

  • What do you hear? Notice the sounds of nature.

  • What do you smell? Notice the aromas of nature.

  • What do you feel? Stop occasionally to put your hand on a tree, feel a beautiful flower petal, brush your fingers through the grass, examine a lovely seashell, take in an incredible view. Give thanks for the beauty you are surrounded by. Then continue on.

  • The point of meditative walking in nature is to heighten your awareness and re-energize and replenish your soul.

  • Walk for at least 20 minutes. An hour every day is even better. Walking meditation is a wonderful practice to add to your life.
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