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Inner Safety Meditation
By Sirah Vettese, Ph.D.

Imagine light all around you. As you move out into this light, you realize that the light is contained inside a cocoon. You normally think of a cocoon as a dark place, but this space is different. The light moves into your cells and relaxes you. The light warms your heart and finds its way deep, deep into your soul. All around you, you can feel a soothing energy creating a gentle warmth. Vibrations of love, healing and nurturing find their way deep inside your vortex. You are loved. Your senses are finely tuned. Your sense of smell-smelling the light. Your sense of taste-tasting the light. You sense of touch and sound are all working. You allow the light to find its way into your depths, your core. You realize how complete and perfect you are inside of this light, as if you are part of the light.

You feel connected. The cocoon represents a cell of light that is part of a cell of the universe and of all creation. No matter where you are in your life process, you are always in that cell. Circumstances may change, images and senses at times may be different, but you, the cell, are always the same-perfect as you are, pure in heart and pure in spirit.

Now imagine that a tiny opening in the cell appears in front of you. The opening beckons you forward. Imagine yourself moving in the direction of the opening and filtering through it. As you do, your entire being seems to change form. You feel like you are moving through a tunnel. Soon you find yourself on the other side, contained within a larger cell. As you look around, you notice all the features of the place-beautiful trees, mountains, oceans, rivers, meadows, all manner of natural beauty. You are safe in this world. This is your world. Take a moment to walk through and notice all the things that are precious to you. People you love, places you enjoy, features of the natural world reach out to you and touch you in a very special place. As you move through your world, realize that you are safe. This world doesn't belong to anyone else. You created it. Included in this world are the lives of the people who touch you, love you and whom you love back. You are safe and secure here, knowing that you draw to yourself loving energy, good wishes, good will, and al the positive elements of life itself. You connect with these things and bring them to you.

As you walk further along on your journey, all kinds of wonderful things present themselves to you in this loving space. Different aspects of nature and life are flowing through this place to remind you that you are living to your fullest potential, with a sense of safety and security. Now imagine another pathway before you. As you approach the pathway, it changes form. Steps lead higher and higher. You begin to climb the steps. Now imagine, just for a moment, that you are leaving this physical plane and moving beyond it. As you climb, be conscious that the earth is becoming smaller and that you are leaving the physical world, taking gentle steps higher and higher. With each step you sense your own awakening and connection to a higher plane. You feel lighter and lighter with each step that you take. As you move higher into the light, you can see the earth plane way in the distance, until it becomes a tiny dot, a tiny speck. You find yourself floating in space, but something is holding you there. A universal unbounded force connects you to that place you left behind. With your eternal eyes, imagine what that force is. Begin to see it and form it and perhaps your heart will show you that which you can't imagine with your mental eyes. Just allow yourself the experience of basking in this place. Imagine this force that is holding you, with arms wrapped around you, arms of eternal love, of protection, of nurturing and tenderness beyond anything you have ever experienced before. So loving and caring is this force that you feel completely safe and trusting. All of your needs are met in this place. Everything is here, right now.

Feel the closeness and the caring of this love as it reaches out to you and melts into you even more. Let yourself have the love, and if you notice any resistance, let it go. As you rest in this place, through your mental eyes imagine coming to your higher self, the one that leads you through your physical life and guides you towards your spiritual life. The physical and the spiritual are not separate, they are one and the same. Your higher self is with you always. Trust that your higher self offers you safety and security, continually, moment to moment every day, and that your awareness will allow it. Your higher self will give you the gift of safety and security in a thought, in a feeling, in an idea. All she asks of you is that you want to know. Simply want to know that everything you dream of will be brought to you. Your higher self wants you to know that you are loved beyond any measure that you can comprehend at this time. You are loved far beyond the reaches of your imagination. Your soul is very precious. There is peace in life and it shines in the universe right now. Its radiance is felt. Its purity is understood and experienced in all eternity. You are loved. So loved. You know, accept and honor that you can tap into this love at any time and feel safe and secure. No matter what is happening in your life, you will remember where you cane from and that you will return to it. Nothing in between will distance you from feeling loved and being loved. So just float into that love and trust it.

Excerpt from What Happened to the Prince I Married: Spiritual Healing For a Wounded Relationship

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