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How I found The Urantia Book

Answering Life's Fundamental Questions

In 1971 a big change came into my life. I�d had several years of success
as a sales mechanical engineer for AMFAC, a company that owned five of
the thirteen working sugar plantations in Hawaii in those days. Flying was
my hobby, and I owned an aircraft dealership/flight school at the Honolulu
International Airport.

My new wife Lyn and I were expecting our first child. We were living in a
big, old, beautiful two-story lava stone house on the beach in Waiminloa. It
had a circular driveway and was surrounded by many coconut and
ironwood trees. Inasmuch as we had a big house on the beach we never
lacked houseguests. This was fine with us because we liked their
company. If you stayed up to two weeks, you were considered a guest; if
you stayed longer, you were a housemouse.

One such housemouse was a young fellow named David Diggs. He had
been staying with us for about four months when he came into my study
one day and began to tell me about a book. "Knowing you," he said, "I
know you will be interested in this." I asked him what the book was about.
"Science and philosophy," was his answer.

He then handed me a big, stately, impressive-looking blue book. I began
by carefully scrutinizing the table of contents. I could not believe what I was
reading. I was amazed at the range of subject matter covered in this book.
I got through the Foreword and was totally blown away. Then a miracle
began to happen. I lost total track of time, reading day and night, not
conscious of anything going on around me. After about four days, on a
Sunday morning around ten o�clock, I flipped to the front of the book to see
if there was any information about someone I could talk to about this
marvelous revelation.

In fine print I found mention of the Urantia Foundation at 533 Diversey
Parkway in Chicago. I called directory assistance, got their number, and
made the call.

A sweet voice answered, "This is Christy."

I told her that I had received the Urantia Book three or four days earlier and
that I had gone into a time warp, so fascinated was I by the truths I was
finding in this book. She laughed and offered to send me some literature
about the Foundation and the Brotherhood. Before we hung up I asked
her if she knew of any other Urantia Book readers in Hawaii. Christy then
told me about her friend Le�Ruth Ward Tyau, a Mormon and a mother with
many children, who wrote children�s books using UB concepts.

As soon as I finished talking with Christy, I called Le�Ruth in Honolulu and
arranged to have lunch with her the next day. I had to meet her to give her
a pinch to see if she was real. How could anyone read these truths, know
the concepts of this revelation, and still exist on this planet? She was a
real and a pleasant delight. As we parted I asked her if she knew of
anyone else on the island who was reading the book, and she told me
that there were about half a dozen women who regularly got together for a
study group.

I raised my hand and volunteered our home for these studies. It was great
meeting all the other people in the group. Not long after that, we opened a
booth at Diamond Head Crater where we sold organic juices poured over
shaved ice at rock concerts. With the profits we bought Urantia Books and
donated them to local libraries in Hawaii. In those days Big Blue cost only
$12.50. Occasionally we would check back at the libraries, and if a copy
was missing we would replace it. A few years later I arranged for the
Foundation to ship ten used Urantia Books to supply the prisons. Over the
years I have bought at least twenty books a year to give away to those
truth-seeking mortals whom our Father has brought across my path.
The Urantia Book has answered all the fundamental questions I�ve ever
had and it has raised twice as many more. It has inspired me to spread
its truths to the nations of our lonely planet, and I will continue to do so as
long as God gives me the strength, the faith, and the courage to do his

N. I., Whittier, California

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