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What The Urantia Book Means to Me

Communion and Prayer


If thou be a man of communion and prayer, soar up on the wings of assistance from Holy Souls, that thou mayest behold the mysteries of the Friend.
-Baha�u�llah, Seven Valleys, (US, 1952), p.17.

Do not remember me when I am gone,
if that remembering should make you sad.
This vapourous illusion will not call me back,
will not make me wish for more; I shall be glad.
If you think of me, then, in death�s endless night
like some vanished sight and you don�t feel bad,
your losses and your sorrows partly on the mend,
I in your sweet thoughts must want to live on.
I in your love will germinate and refresh,
reborn a thousand times when I am gone.
Like the waves on the pebbled shore
which we so often saw and sat beside before,
our lives do hasten to their last breath
and this my verse shall long after that end,
wave after wave, be heard to tend
to that fair memory which you then enjoy
and which I, in you, will bring eternal joy.

Ron Price
8 October 1995


Not marble, nor guilded monuments
Of Princes shall out-live this powerful rime,
-Shakespeare, The Sonnets, Number 55.
....Probably the greatest immortalization poem in the language.
-J.W. Lever in The Elizabethan Love Sonnet, pp.246-72.

If this poem lives on beyond marble columns
and monuments of old it will be because
it speaks to hearts across time�s eternal
bridge and they shall shine more bright
with wisdom and thought�s powerful height.
Memory�s firey life which travels on
from age to age, epoch-making, long after
I am gone will find a place for this, if
imagination does entwine new and wonderful
configurations of the light that here does shine.
If not, of course, it will end and take its dusty course.

Ron Price
8 October 1995

RonPrice, George Town Tasmania Australia

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