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What The Urantia Book Means to Me


After making several postings at this site, I shall now include more of my prose-peoms as vehicles for my 'personal experiences' on my personal quest.


In a stimulating fifty minute talk given by Australian poet Peter Porter I came away with one idea that I wanted to insert into a poem of my own. Porter, quoting W.H. Auden, saw poetry as a bridge by which the dead return to converse with us.1 Part of the reason for this is, perhaps, that poetry "can approach very closely to the actual texture of one's life and present it in an enhanced fashion.."2 So, what readers of poetry often get, is the closest to the texture of a person's life as is possible, what has driven deepest into their soul, is pure autobiography. -Ron Price with thanks to 1Peter Porter, "Books and Writing," ABC Radio National, 23 February 2003, 7:25-8:15 pm and 2James McAuley, A Map of Australian Verse, Oxford UP, London, 1975, p.271.

I've put my story down now
in this third edition,
embellished it with poetry,
enhanced it with colour,
with shape, form and order
and offered it to the world.1

My life is there
as much as anywhere else.
I've finally got a story
down on paper,
touched its complexity,
its sublimity,
its baseness,
where I was
over several decades
as civilization entered
its slough of despond
on this mortal coil.

1 Today I finished the 3rd edition of this autobiography

Ron Price
25 February 2003

Ron Price, George Town Tasmania

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