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The Eternal Adventure
By Carol Schindler

Our adventure begins right here, and perhaps for some of you, right now. The Urantia Book tells us that it is here on this planet that we discover that God lives in all of us. It is here that we first learn the importance of loving service to all humankind. And it is here in this "short but intriguing life" that we learn that there are certain "inevitabilities." The book tells us: "Is courage--strength of character--desirable? Then must man be reared in an environment which necessitates grappling with hardships and reacting to disappointments." " Is faith--the supreme assertion of human thought--desirable? Then must the mind of man find itself in that troublesome predicament where it ever knows less than it can believe."

The book talks about hope, altruism, love of truth, idealism, loyalty, unselfishness and pleasure in the same way. For us to understand these concepts, we need to experience the opposite. It's tough, but it is the only way for a finite being to find God. We must find God experientially. We must grow. God slowed down creation to make that possible. God created time and space as a perfect environment for us to grow in.

The Urantia Book also tells us a lot about what happens after we leave this planet. After we die, it gets better: there is life after death, and it is good. When we die, we wake up in a new body on another world, the first of what Jesus called "the mansion worlds." They are a series of worlds, seven in number, where we work out all the stuff we have not worked out here.

When we wake up on the mansion world, we know who we are, and we know where we've been. Waiting for us are those who passed before us. You will see your grandparents and parents again, and all of those friends who died before you. . . .and probably all of your old boyfriends and that boss you really disliked. They will all be there--this really is an adventure. There are some added benefits, among them having seventy senses and never getting sick any more. Things that we really desired to do here, but were unable to do for various reasons, we will be able to do there.

We are still the same people, with the same old baggage we died with. If you thought you were going to magically change into wonderful beings, there is some good news and some bad news. You will turn into wonderful beings--after you work though your stuff. After we die, in terms of growth we pick up right where we left off, and begin the second step in an evolutionary adventure that will take us through our master universe and eventually on to Paradise itself.

The Urantia Book tells us that the master universe is huge, and then there are four outer space levels after that. And then there is Paradise, and there is nothing bigger than Paradise. This whole grand universe is dedicated to helping us grow. It's literally one big school. Level after level, we grow more and more spiritual until we are total spirit... and then, we grow as spirits. This growing never stops. Even after we come face-to-face with God on Paradise, we still will continue to learn more about God. And no matter how much we learn, there will always be more to discover.

The Urantia Book tells us: "There is in the mind of God a plan which embraces every creature of all his vast domains, and this plan is an eternal purpose of boundless opportunity, unlimited progress, and endless life. And the infinite treasures of such a matchless career are yours for the striving! The goal of eternity is ahead! The adventure of divinity attainment lies before you!"

When faced with eternity, we will never be bored. There will always be another adventure. There will always be more to discover about the First Source and Center, our loving Father. And that is truly the neverending story.

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