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The Eternal Adventure
By Carol Schindler

The NeverEnding Story is a children's classic film, a gripping adventure that tells the tale of a young boy named Bastian who receives an intriguing book from an old man, and with it a warning that reading it will change his life. As Bastian begins reading, something amazing happens: he realizes that what he does and who he is directly affects the outcome of the story. To save the characters in the book, he must make a decision to believe in the impossible--to make a leap of faith. That is not so different from The Urantia Book.

The Urantia Book is more than two thousand pages filled with information to help us all on our "eternal adventure," which begins here on this planet and continues long after we pass from this world to the next. Our adventure is no less exciting than Bastian's in The NeverEnding Story-in fact, it's more exciting because it's real.

The Urantia Book tells us that our planet has been evolving for billions of years, and that human beings have been evolving along with it. Although at times our progress has been painfully slow, the book tells us not to get discouraged, because evolution will not fail. We have already evolved from cave dwellers to what we are today, and we will continue to evolve until we get as good as we can get. Our planet and our civilizations will continue to evolve until we reach a state of finite perfection - what is called "Light and Life."

The grandest part of our adventure is that we finite beings get to seek, know and eventually find an infinite God. This is much more than a warm feeling inside; this is being face-to-face with the Infinite God on Paradise. The whole process does take billions of years, adventure-packed years. That is why staying in the moment is so important. How could you possibly plan for the next billion years? Your head would explode.

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