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Step 14: Gaining Faith 

We are gaining faith that God’s plan for us is incomparably better than any of our own devising, and that our highest happiness consists in doing his will. We are experiencing the spiritual liberty of accepting our Father’s responsibility for the outcome of events we undertake in faith.

Faith is an expression of universal law based on wholehearted reliance on the Sovereign of the universes and his ability to accomplish his will on earth and in our lives without limit or hindrance. But how can we know our Father’s will as life’s paths and opportunities appear and move on before us? How can we know more certainly whether we are doing his will as we attempt to respond to the divine leadings within our souls?

On this world there are few things of which anyone can be truly sure; the fork in the road is often upon us before we are ready to choose our path, and to delay may jeopardize the opportunity. In such a case we must simply act, trusting in our Father’s guidance. If we have prayed for a knowledge of God’s will in a particular situation, once decision time arrives, to avoid action paralyzed by fear that we might err makes erring a virtual certainty. When we are doing our best to live the Father’s will, we are entitled to act decisively on faith even when the issue is clouded and we are confused. Hesitation, timidity, and half-measures poison faith and doom to failure even an otherwise correct choice. When decision time arrives we should be able to say, "Father, this is the course I believe you wish me to take, and unless you tell me otherwise, I’m going to move forward in that direction."

The acts of faith are always consistent with truth, beauty, goodness, and love, and when we are confused as to the Father’s leading, those values will suggest his will, for it is inconceivable that God would ever lead us to do anything untrue, ugly, or unloving. Most day-to-day problems lack an obvious spiritual dimension, however, and we must make our choices based on ordinary common sense supported by the sound advice of friends. Even in those situations we must not neglect a sense of God’s leading, for, like any good parent, he is concerned about the details of our daily existence, that we live happy and productive lives, but especially that our souls prosper.

Faith comforts the troubled soul of modern man and stills his mind amid the tensions and stresses of outward existence. Faith opens our souls to God, whose love envelops us, disclosing that which is most worthwhile in human existence.

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The providence of God consists in the interlocking activities of the celestial beings and the divine spirits who, in accordance with cosmic law, unceasingly labor for the honor of God and for the spiritual advancement of his universe children. 4:1.1

Man is spiritually indwelt by a surviving Thought Adjuster. If such a human mind is sincerely and spiritually motivated, if such a human soul desires to know God and become like him, honestly wants to do the Father's will, there exists no negative influence of mortal deprivation nor positive power of possible interference which can prevent such a divinely motivated soul from securely ascending to the portals of Paradise. 5:1.7

The mortal mind can immediately think of a thousand and one things--catastrophic physical events, appalling accidents, horrific disasters, painful illnesses, and world-wide scourges--and ask whether such visitations are correlated in the unknown maneuvering of this probable functioning of the Supreme Being. Frankly, we do not know; we are not really sure. But we do observe that, as time passes, all these difficult and more or less mysterious situations always work out for the welfare and progress of the universes. 10:7.5

There is a great and glorious purpose in the march of the universes through space. All of your mortal struggling is not in vain. We are all part of an immense plan, a gigantic enterprise, and it is the vastness of the undertaking that renders it impossible to see very much of it at any one time and during any one life. We are all a part of an eternal project which the Gods are supervising and outworking. The whole marvelous and universal mechanism moves on majestically through space to the music of the meter of the infinite thought and the eternal purpose of the First Great Source and Center.

The eternal purpose of the eternal God is a high spiritual ideal. The events of time and the struggles of material existence are but the transient scaffolding which bridges over to the other side, to the promised land of spiritual reality and supernal existence. 32:5.1&2

There is in the mind of God a plan which embraces every creature of all his vast domains, and this plan is an eternal purpose of boundless opportunity, unlimited progress, and endless life. And the infinite treasures of such a matchless career are yours for the striving!

The goal of eternity is ahead! The adventure of divinity attainment lies before you! The race for perfection is on! whosoever will may enter, and certain victory will crown the efforts of every human being who will run the race of faith and trust, depending every step of the way on the leading of the indwelling Adjuster and on the guidance of that good spirit of the Universe Son, which so freely has been poured out upon all flesh. 32:5.7&8

While it is all too true that good cannot come of evil to the one who contemplates and performs evil, it is equally true that all things (including evil, potential and manifest) work together for good to all beings who know God, love to do his will, and are ascending Paradiseward according to his eternal plan and divine purpose. 54:4.7

When Thought Adjusters indwell human minds, they bring with them the model careers, the ideal lives, as determined and foreordained by themselves and the Personalized Adjusters of Divinington, which have been certified by the Personalized Adjuster of Urantia. Thus they begin work with a definite and predetermined plan for the intellectual and spiritual development of their human subjects, but it is not incumbent upon any human being to accept this plan. You are all subjects of predestination, but it is not foreordained that you must accept this divine predestination; you are at full liberty to reject any part or all of the Thought Adjusters' program. 110:2.1

"The act is ours, the consequences God's." 117:5.5

"Ganid, I have absolute confidence in my heavenly Father's overcare; I am consecrated to doing the will of my Father in heaven. I do not believe that real harm can befall me; I do not believe that my lifework can really be jeopardized by anything my enemies might wish to visit upon me, and surely we have no violence to fear from our friends. I am absolutely assured that the entire universe is friendly to me--this all-powerful truth I insist on believing with a wholehearted trust in spite of all appearances to the contrary." 133:1.4

When the mourners saw that Mary had gone to greet Jesus, they withdrew for a short distance while both Martha and Mary talked with the Master and received further words of comfort and exhortation to maintain strong faith in the Father and complete resignation to the divine will. 168:0.11


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