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The concept of the 21 Steps had its basis in the author’s appreciation of the 12-Step program of Alcoholics Anonymous as a powerful instrument of spiritual growth. The quotations are from The Urantia Book, a work that has made a dramatic impact on the author’s life. The Urantia Book has no "program" but the immense benefits of Alcoholics Anonymous’ step-by-step method caused the author / compiler to reflect on what such a program from The Urantia Book might resemble were it to exist. The narrative introducing each step is by the author, and the arrangement of selections is according to his conception of the book’s cardinal spiritual teachings.

To learn about the 21 Steps please scroll through the list below or click on a particular step of interest.

Step 1:    Recognizing Our Needs
Step 2:    Believing in God
Step 3:    Accepting God's Grace
Step 4:    Admitting Our Shortcomings
Step 5:    Forgiving Others
Step 6:    Asking Others' Forgiveness
Step 7:    Accepting God's Forgiveness
Step 8:    Living New Lives
Step 9:    Committing Ourselves
Step 10:  Praying
Step 11:  Balancing Physical With Spiritual
Step 12:  Persisting In Our Search
Step 13:  Gaining Perspective
Step 14:  Gaining Faith
Step 15:  Experiencing Assurance
Step 16:  Deepening Fellowship
Step 17:  Serving Others
Step 18:  Sharing Our Spiritual Experience
Step 19:  Loving Each Other
Step 20:  Loving Jesus
Step 21:  Loving God


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