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God's Will

Jesus focused in his mind the will of the Father as holy, just and great, as well as true, beautiful and good. The highest human concept of God's will is embodied in truth, beauty and goodness.

Jesus emphasized that we should try our very best to acquire the mind of spiritual insight. We can appreciate beauty, but truth cannot be defined in words, only by living. And truth cannot be had without the exercise of faith—living faith. The more we honestly try to seek and to do the Father's will, the more real we become as individuals. Jesus taught the living realities of the will of God, truth, beauty and goodness in place of the idea of the kingdom of God. He also emphasized that the Father's will can be done in any earthly occupation. He taught that he who would be greatest among us should become server of all. And to be great is to be good.

"I have called upon you to be born again, to be born of the spirit. I have called you out of the darkness of authority and the lethargy of tradition into the transcendent light of the realization of the possibility of making for yourselves the greatest discovery possible for the human soul to make—the supernal experience of finding God for yourself, in yourself, and of yourself, and of doing all this as a fact in your own personal experience."

The Urantia Book, page 1731:2, 155:6.4

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