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What are Angels?

Are Angels Real?

Angels, known as seraphim, are the ministering spirits of time. Seraphim are created by God to help us evolve spiritually, and to perform a myriad of services throughout the master universe. Angels do not have bodies but they are real beings. Seraphim sometimes work alone, but work in pairs for communication and service on the higher circuits. Angels have homes and live in an organized and governed society like we do. They possess power far beyond our comprehension. They are "heavenly guides" to our souls and delight in serving humans, whom they love. Angels share all of our nonsensuous emotions and sentiments and are aware of all our moral struggles and spiritual difficulties. Seraphim seek to manipulate circumstances to influence our activity through social, ethical, and moral environments. In many ways they are the closest representatives of universe government in our lives. They are an essential part of our continuing spiritual growth and only good comes out of our efforts to understand and love them.
"Throughout the whole mortal adventure of finding God and of achieving divine perfection, these spirit ministers of seraphic completion, together with the faithful ministering spirits of time, are always and forever your true friends and unfailing helpers."
- The Urantia Book (Page 442)
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