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What is Spirit?

God is spirit. God is the absolute source of all spirit reality and all spirit influences in the universe.

As the mind of any person becomes increasingly spiritualized--more God-like--it becomes ever less responsive to the material forces associated with its evolutionary animal origins. Matter, mind, and spirit are equally real, but they are not of equal value to the personality in its continuing quest for divinity. Spirit is the fundamental reality of all existence including our personal experience. Spirit-realization is the goal and destiny of all individuals. Spirit lives in and with us as our Thought Adjuster, the fragment of God that lives within our mind. Our souls, the part of us that allows our personality to survive beyond physical death, is built in partnership with spirit. Anything which at some time does not become spiritualized will eventually be disorganized.
"From the heights of eternal glory the divine spirit descends, by a long series of steps, to meet you as you are and where you are and then, in the partnership of faith, lovingly to embrace the soul of mortal origin and to embark on the sure and certain retracement of those steps of condescension, never stopping until the evolutionary soul is safely exalted to the very heights of bliss from which the divine Spirit originally sallied forth on this mission of mercy and ministry."
- The Urantia Book (34:6.6)
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