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Why Should You Pray?

Prayer is your best way to contact God. One nice way to think about prayer is that it is not really about getting your way but it is about getting God's way. It is a wonderful way to build your trusting communication with your Creator and assists you in all aspects of your daily life. All of your prayers are answered. However if the answer to your prayers is delayed it may be because the universe has a better answer for you down the road. Praying digs out a deeper channel for the presence of God to reside within you. God answers all of your prayers with an increased revelation of truth. It is your most potent spiritual growth stimulus.

According to "The Urantia Book" some conditions of effective prayer are:

If you would engage in effective praying, you should bear in mind the laws of prevailing petitions:
  1. You must qualify as a potent prayer by sincerely and courageously facing the problems of universe reality. You must possess cosmic stamina.
  2. You must have honestly exhausted the human capacity for human adjustment. You must have been industrious.
  3. You must surrender every wish of mind and every craving of soul to the transforming embrace of spiritual growth. You must have experienced an enhancement of meanings and an elevation of values.
  4. You must make a wholehearted choice of the divine will. You must obliterate the dead center of indecision.
  5. You not only recognize the Father's will and choose to do it, but you have effected an unqualified consecration, and a dynamic dedication, to the actual doing of the Father's will.
  6. Your prayer will be directed exclusively for divine wisdom to solve the specific human problems encountered in the Paradise ascension--the attainment of divine perfection.
For more on prayer in The Urantia Book:

Paper 91, "The Evolution of Prayer"

Definitions of Prayer: (144:2.3)

The Believers Prayer (144:4.7)

Practice of Prayer (146:2)
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