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What is the Trinity?

God--the Universal Father--is the source of all divinity in the universe. God the Father is a personal Deity; this means that God knows and cares about you as a person, and it means that you can also get to know and love him better, day by day. God is pure spirit, which transcends any notion of gender our language forces us to associate with him. Personality in Deity demands that such Deity exist in relation to other and equal personal Deity--hence the Trinity. The dwelling place of the three Persons of the original Trinity--God the Father, God the Eternal Son, and God the Infinite Spirit--is in Paradise which is located at the center of the universe. That is why "The Urantia Book" calls the Trinity the "Paradise Trinity". This Trinity is eternal and infinite and comprises an indivisable union--it rests upon the divine oneness of Father, Son, and Spirit. Even though it is comprised of three personal Deities, the Trinity is itself non-personal, and functions non-personally. All spirit, mind, and energy proceed from it; it is ultimately Sovereign over all the universe. Ultimately, the nature of the Trinity lies beyond the capacity of mortal mind to comprehend.

Personally revealed religions are sponsored by the bestowal spirits representing the three persons of the Paradise Trinity and are especially concerned with the expansion of truth. Evolutionary religion drives home to the individual the idea of personal duty; revealed religion lays increasing emphasis on loving, the golden rule. P. 1111.1

Through the recognition of the Trinity concept the mind of man can hope to grasp something of the interrelationship of love and law in the time-space creations. Through spiritual faith man gains insight into the love of God but soon discovers that this spiritual faith has no influence on the ordained laws of the material universe. P. 1145.4

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