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What is a Thought Adjuster?

The Thought Adjuster is a divine fragment of and from God--our Universal Father. This Father Fragment is pure spirit and indwells your mind from the moment we make your first moral choice and give birth to your soul. The role of the Adjuster is to take every advantage of your life s circumstances in order to guide your thoughts hence your actions Godward. The Adjuster is the will of God living within you, thus making it possible for you to consecrate your will freely to doing his will. The primary function of Thought Adjusters is to conserve a record of your spiritual growth in order to enhance your ability to sustain supermaterial life after physical death. The more you learn to listen to that still, small, voice within the more your soul becomes spiritualized. One fine day, usually not on this earth, your evolving soul and the pure spirit gift of God will become completely unified. That unification is nothing other than unity of the soul with God, and begins our noble attempt to actualize the limitless possibilities of partnership with God.

The Adjuster is not trying to control your thinking, as such, but rather to spiritualize it, to eternalize it. Neither angels nor Adjusters are devoted directly to influencing human thought; that is your exclusive personality prerogative. The Adjusters are dedicated to improving, modifying, adjusting, and coordinating your thinking processes; but more especially and specifically they are devoted to the work of building up spiritual counterparts of your careers, morontia transcripts of your true advancing selves, for survival purposes. (P. 1205.1)

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