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Can Your Life Have Meaning?

The answer to this question may shock you. Your life must have meaning, because even if it seems like it doesn't--that is its meaning!--namely, that it is at a loss for meaning. The very fact that you are aware of a loss of meaning in your life means something to you, and this indicates that, as a human being, you naturally seek to discover meaning in and for your life. Why would this be? As far as we know, no other species in the animal kingdom is able to seek or be at a loss for meaning. The religions of the world teach that there is an inner call to meaning, and that inner call is the divine. The origin and ultimate goal of that inner call is also divine, and has been named God, Tao, the Absolute, Allah, etc. by seekers after meaning around the world.

The Urantia Book teaches that this inner call in each of us is actually a fragment of God that lives within--a guiding presence that is always there to open the path to the Divine Source. That path is forged through the daily choices we make in serving our fellows on this earth, and then in the life beyond. Each time we close our mind to this divine presence and to the opportunity for spiritual growth each choice represents, we lose the option of discovering additional meaning in our life. Our lives will expand in meaning as we learn to live with the divine, one choice at a time, as we dare to meet the challenge of each episode of life even when confronted with our own limitations. Even if you feel that you cannot do this, there lives inside you a quiet voice who will gently guide you down the divine path with every choice you make, a voice that is in reality a fragment of the Creator of all the universe. If you seek to listen, it will change your life--one decision at a time.

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