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What is the difference between prayer and worship?

Prayer is the tried and true way to contact God and ask him for wisdom and strength in order to better meet the challenges of your life. All of your sincere prayers are answered, but not always in the way you might think is best. That's because prayer is not really about getting your way--but it is about taking God's way. It is a wonderful way to build trusting communication with your Creator. Praying digs out a deeper channel for the presence of God to reside within you. It positively affects your life and the life of those around you. Do not expect God to answer prayers that are materialistic in nature, and do not expect God to show partiality in answer to your prayers. So, try to make all your prayers worthy of being addressed to God, and he will answer those prayers with an increased revelation of truth. Genuine prayer is your most potent spiritual growth stimulus.

Worship is the acknowledgment of a personal relationship with your Creator; it is the practice of the presence of God. It is your highest privilege and first duty. In worship you consciously choose to abide by the Father's will when you exchange your self-centered mind for the will of God. It allows your inner self to become intent upon God;worship helps to deepen your reflective powers you find that your communication with God becomes more profound. For all these reasons, worship is more essential than prayer. Worship helps to bring relaxation, illumination, courage, and self-understanding into your life. Practicing daily worship can help you become more like the one you are worshipping--and what could be more spiritually uplifting than that!

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