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What is Mind?

God is the source of all mind and thus mind invariably leads back to Deity. The function of mind is to mediate between spirit and matter, and mind is the indispensable medium for communication for all kinds of beings. Mind invariably seeks to coordinate with spiritual influences, and mind is always dominant over matter. Mind is the cosmic arena of creature choice, and through our material mind we live, choose God or forsake him, and eternalize or forever destroy ourselves. The divine fragment of God that indwells your mind (the Thought Adjuster) depends on it for expression and the spiritual self-realization of the individual--that is, your mind is the cosmic loom on which the Adjuster weaves patterns that enhance your spiritual growth.

It is what your mind desires rather than what it comprehends that will insure your soul's survival after the death of your body. Upon your rebirth on the next world you will have a non-material and more spiritualized body and mind, but in the survival of your unique personality you will still be able to recognize and be recognized by friends and family, just as you did in your physical body. You will retain those earth-memories that possess spiritual meaning and value for further growth, and your spiritual and intellectual development will resume precisely where it was interrupted by death.

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