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What is Spiritual Growth?

Spiritual growth can be defined as the ever-increasing ability to know God, and such growth is always motivated by your desire to be like him. Your spiritual growth is a never-ending voyage of discovery into the nature of God. It is your human self developing a profound and intimate relationship with your divine self, the indwelling God-fragment called your Thought Adjuster. Your spiritual growth is a reflection of your nearness to God and a measure of the loving care offered to your fellows. As you grow spiritually you enhance your ability to "discover beauty in things, recognize truth in meanings, and discover goodness in values" (page 1096) Another aspect of your spiritual growth is demonstrated by the elimination of the selfish qualities of love. As we maximize our Godlikeness we grow spiritually.

One result of spiritual growth is the sense of security inside you. The thrill and the comfort of the divine presence becomes increasingly clear to your consciousness. Spiritual growth is always the result of, and allows for, an improved receptivity for divine wisdom and cosmic insight. You, with your God fragment resident within your mind, become partners with God in your ever-evolving path toward perfection. Your spiritual growth unifies your personality by love, and will increasingly yield a peace which passes all understanding.

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